Our promise

Our promise to you as our clients can be formulated in a few key points, which serve as an unbreakable guide in the daily work that we do in manufacturing and development within our field.

We master the materials that we work with and guide our clients in choosing the right foils for the specific job at hand, as we also commit to delivering a uniform high quality.

Colours and Lacquers:
We understand colours and lacquers in detail and deliver the solutions that the rest of the industry step away from. At the end of the day, this helps create consumer preference on the shelves of supermarkets around the world.

We are acutely aware that processing labels after printing is essential to their further application in the manufacturing cycle and therefore only the most experienced people in our manufacturing site handle this task. This ensures that you will always receive labels that are unflawed and without surface tension and help secure problem free production runs in your end.

The in-mould market is undergoing rapid development and those who choose to stand still, will be left behind.
We act as development partner for some of the leading plastic packaging manufacturers in Scandinavia. Through this work with a complex oxygen barrier solution, we have played a part in the product that won the award as “most innovative packaging” in 2013.
Please talk to us about your challenges and we will invest in finding the right solutions together with you and produce them for your business to grow.

Dedication as a Culture:

  • We are dedicated to our work – This is our culture
  • We assume responsibility and overcome the challenges that we encounter – This is our strength
  • If we make mistakes we acknowledge these and correct them quickly – This is our conviction
  • We act responsibly in relation to environment, employees and suppliers – This is our responsibility